Wednesday, January 24, 2024

First Look at Ducati's Desmo450 MX Prototype

Ducati intends to manufacture a number of off-road versions in the next years, the first of which is the Desmo450 MX.

Last year, Ducati made the world aware of its intention to produce a variety of motorcycles with an off-road focus in the coming years. Along the way, Ducati established a brand-new racing section named Ducati Corse Off-road. This division has since unveiled the brand-new Desmo450 MX motocross prototype, the company's first of its kind.

Despite the fact that Ducati previously produced a street model with the same name in the 1970s, this is not the first 'Desmo450' from the firm. But the technology was not nearly as advanced as it is today.

One Amazing Looker!

The vivid red color will quickly reveal that this is a genuine Ducati. Sporty stickers and designs add even more emphasis to the mood. This bike looks even more iconic with the red fork covers and 'Desmo450' stickers, along with a stylish saddle that matches the color. 

What Are The Desmo450 MX's Official Technical Specifications?

As of right now, the Desmo450 MX's technical characteristics are unknown. Nonetheless, based on the name, we may infer the bike's engine displacement and that the iconic "Desmo" valves from the brand will be present. In addition, we can deduce information about the bike's foundation from the pictures. A brand-new aluminum chassis is mated to an aluminum steel frame, and fully adjustable suspension from Showa is located on both ends. 


The Desmo450 MX will have specifications at the present level of the existing competition, given its competitive niche. In light of this, the Desmo450 MX, which leads the class, will sport a 450cc single-cylinder engine producing 70 horsepower and weighing about 105 kilograms. 

When Will The Official Desm450 MX Debut?

Yes, the new Desmo450 MX will also be produced and made available to the general public for use exclusively in competition. This coming March, Ducati will make its race-spec Desmo450 MX debut at the Italian Motocross Championship, which will be driven by none other than the great Antonio Cairoli. By doing this, the firm will be able to gather as much information as possible regarding the bike's performance, which will aid in its continued development before it is eventually put into production in the second half of 2025.